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Exhibition areas

Destination France

 With more than 90 million international tourists in metropolitan France and 400,000 in the overseas territories in 2016, France remains the most visited country in the world.

To improve the visibility of the French Market at the IFTM Top Resa show, the MAP Pro is being replaced by La Destination France.

This identified space include all the major actors of the french tourism industry like MICE, Business Travel, Group Travel

La Destination France will also be highlighted in our program with two half days of dedicated conferences. 

Tour Operators Village

Around 60 French tour operators attend the trade show.

Around twenty of them have come together to form SETO (Syndicate of French Tour Operators) in the “Tour Operators Village”.

Tour operators have a dedicated village with a central bar for business meetings in a friendly setting. Cocktail dinners and networking events are organised by exhibitors during the trade show to welcome visitors, especially travel agencies.

The Tour Operators Village also sponsors key events for travel agents, including the Travel Agents Cup and the TO After Party on Thursday 3 October.

Cruises Village

Figures from CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association France) show continuous growth, with 27.2 million passengers expected in 2018.

In 2017, an estimated 25.8 million passengers went on a sea cruise, compared to 24.7 million passengers in 2016, representing a 20.5% increase over five years between 2011 and 2016.

The Cruises Village easily identifies professionals in this sector. Against a seafaring backdrop, over 20 sea and river cruise companies present their services and offer numerous destinations.


Start-Up Village

The Start-Up Village at the heart of the Tech Zone is dedicated to innovation and the future of tourism.

The space is created in partnership with Amadeus and the Welcome City Lab, which significantly boosts the sector by supporting exhibiting companies in its incubator. It includes a co-working space to encourage networking.

Over 50 startups and innovative companies are expected.

Companies exhibiting in the Travel Hub can take part in the Start-Up Contest which rewards the most innovative solutions. The grand finale will take place on Tuesday 1 October at the trade show.

Parks Village

Theme parks have been faithful exhibitors every year at the trade show, and work with all four visitor segments: leisure travel, business travel, MICE and group tourism.

Tech Zone

The Tech Zone is new to IFTM Top Resa and confirms the importance of digital technologies, thanks to the support of our official partner Amadeus.

Head to Hall 1 to find all technology professionals, along with the Start-Up Village, Digital Village and Influencers Village which illustrate the trade show’s new strategy.

Don’t miss out on events in this zone with Digital Day all day Tuesday, the grand finale of the Startup Contest on Tuesday at 3pm and the Hackathon, featuring 24 hours of non-stop competition from Tuesday 2pm to Wednesday 2pm.

Influenceurs Village

We’ve made space for young and talented influencers. Tourism professionals can come to discover 6 new companies selected for their quality, original and new content.

The “Influencers Village” is a lively place of discussion and the first workshop where exhibitors can meet with influencers.

Every day from 5pm, the village will spring to life with wine-and-beer tasting and cocktail-making workshops.

Mountain Village

The Mountain sector is a key part of French tourism. It covers almost one-fourth of the territory and generates 15% of the country’s tourism revenue.

Launched in 2017 and located into La Destination France area, the Mountain Village brings together hotels, restaurants, ski-area rental companies and ski resorts, reflecting the extraordinary diversity of this constantly developing sector.

Visitors will also enjoy the mountain sector as one of the topics addressed in our talks programme.

Business Travel

The Business Club includes business travel operators such as major travel agent networks, airlines, Travel Management Companies (TMC), hotel chains and vehicle rental companies.

Official trade show partner, AFTM manages the Business Club lounge area and provides thematic professional workshops every day.

Networks Village

The largest French distribution networks exhibit each year and encourage their staff to discover new products and partners, and to improve their expertise by taking part in dedicated events. The programme includes “Expert Agents” courses, technical sales training, product presentations and conference sessions on the latest trends in the sector.

Our travel agent visitors play a key role in our two main IFTM Top Resa events:

  • They are invited to attend the TO After Party (registration required), a fun, laid-back event by exhibitors from the Tour Operators Village on Thursday 27 September
  • They can take part in the Travel Agents Cup to be named France’s best travel agent and win a free trip to one of our partner destinations.

Le Village des Autocaristes

For this 1st Edition, the Coach Operators' Village will be placed within Destination France and organised around a large co-working area so that you can meet the desired companies. This Village is set up in partnership with the FNTV


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