2024 Program


2024 Theme : « New sustainable horizons, combining our responsibilities ». IFTM encourages thinking around our individual and collective responsibilities in order to move from thought to action, from constraints to possibilities, and thereby play an active role in our change.

Conference sessions coming soon. All conferences are held in French.


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Don't miss the Start-up Contest and the Travel Agents Cup. Discover the Travel Agent Cup Junior - new concept.  Save the date for the famous IFTM Tourmag Party, which will be held at a new and more practical venue this year.

All events are held in French

New sustainable horizons

The tourism industry finds itself facing multiple challenges (environmental, digital, economic, and social problems... IFTM encourages thinking around our individual and collective responsibilities in order to move from thought to action, from constraints to possibilities, and thereby play an active role in our change. 3 major focus points will be explored in 2024: environment, digital and inclusive.


Our objectives in supporting tourism players:

◻ Provide a collective frame of reference
◻ Look forward to future visions of tourism 

◻ Open up to other ecosystems
◻ Find inspiration and raise awareness

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The meeting place for travel professionals

17-19 Sept. 2024 - Paris P. de Versailles

Conference themes

Conference rooms

Arena by Maroc Terre de Lumière

A large room dedicated to institutional and inspirational conference sessions, with barometers and sessions on trends, usually organised as panel discussions. This room will also host the contests (Startup Contest / Travel Agents Cup and Travel Agents Cup Junior).


One room, with two different ambiances. In the mornings, you’ll find topics linked to the latest in digital technologies and innovation with “Quoi de neuf dans la Tech?”. Most afternoons will be set aside for sessions entitled “Quoi de neuf à vendre?” where agencies present new products to their customers.

Affaires Club 

An area dedicated to business travel, with workshops where you can talk to travel managers, buyers and suppliers.

Conversations Area

A space dedicated to dialogue and conversation between the speaker and the audience, where discussions are held without materials or slides. Practical sessions on the day-to-day challenges linked to new working methods, legal issues, safety, insurance, training and other support initiatives, social media and tools, etc.

Responsible Tourism Area

This space, like the Conversations Area, will host testimonials, pitches and presentations, with opportunities to share best practices on issues related to sustainable tourism. This is the place to be to understand where our sector stands and identify the key players in the transition towards more responsible tourism in the future.

Attractiveness Village

Practical sessions, case studies and workshops focusing on the attractiveness of the sector.

MICE Village

Podcasts, discussions and meetings on outlook for the MICE sector

 The conference themes


The environmental pillar must be the backbone of more sustainable tourism. Each and every one of us has to integrate it into our strategy, our everyday work, product creation and our sales pitches to customers.

By working together, we can preserve the world’s beauty for future generations, while offering authentic and enriching experiences to today’s travellers.


the Internet, mobile phones and social media have successively challenged our sector over the past twenty years. Some have launched their businesses thanks to these developments, while others have integrated them, and others are still wary.

However, generative AI is turning everything on its head and is going to move even faster than the other developments, and an AI strategy can only be implemented in a company that already has a digital and data culture. It is vital that IFTM provides an opportunity for professionals to explore these issues in greater depth.


We want to make tourism accessible to all in a context of constraints, but we also want to make our sector attractive and even exemplary in its actions.

The tourism and travel industry must embrace inclusion in all its forms in order to grow and evolve. By offering experiences that are accessible to all, promoting cultural diversity and encouraging everyone to participate, we are building a more united and open community, a welcoming space where everyone feels at home.