2023 Program

Conferences & Events

Conferences & Conversations

In order to provide you with all the answers to the questions you may have about current events and developments in the tourism industry, IFTM offers you a program of practical conferences tailored to your needs, featuring industry specialists:
                              7 major themes - 6 conference areas


They are part of the show's DNA.

Don't miss the Start-up Contest and the Travel Agent Cup Junior.  In 2023, new concept of the Travel Agents Cup. Save the date for the famous IFTM Tourmag Party, which will be held at a new and more practical venue this year.

Conference themes

All the conferences are held in French, please refer to the French programme.

On October 3, two conferences are in English or translated:

  • 9.40-11.00am Opening conference (venue: Arena by Jordan Tourism Board), in French with simultaneous English translation

  • 2.30-3.30pm International panorama (venue: Arena by Jordan Tourism Board), in English with simultaneous French translation

Key theme for 2023: Challenges and Resilience

IFTM Top Resa has chosen the theme of Challenges and Resilience to explore the tourism industry's responses to the challenges of recent years, and to start thinking about the challenges of tomorrow. Through conferences and conversations, will be presented concrete solutions via practice exchanges and case studies, highlighting the resilience at the heart of the sector's DNA.

This year, IFTM Top Resa's flagship conferences (the Inaugural Conference and the International Panorama) will focus on adapting to global challenges such as the transition to responsible tourism and digital transformation, without forgetting the importance of the human dimension in supporting this evolution. 

Conference rooms

Arena by Jordan Tourism Board

The large conference room dedicated to institutional and inspirational conferences, with barometers and trend conferences, mostly round-table style. Arena will also host the challenges (Startup contest / Wonder France Festival / Travel Agent Cup and Travel Agent Cup Junior).


One space, two atmospheres. In the morning, you'll find topics related to digital news, technology and innovation. The afternoons will mostly be devoted to "What's new" sessions to help agencies present new products to their customers. 

Affaires Club 

A space dedicated to business travel, featuring workshops where you can meet and exchange ideas with travel managers, buyers and suppliers

Conversations Area

A space dedicated to dialogue and sharing between speaker and audience, where exchanges will take place without support / slides. Practical sessions on day-to-day issues linked to new working methods, legal issues, safety, insurance, training and other support initiatives, social networks and tools... 

Responsible Tourism Area

Like the Conversation area, this space will host experience sharing, pitches, presentations and best-practice sharing on topics related to responsible tourism. The place to be if you want to understand what's going on in our sector, and who the key players are in the transition towards a more responsible tourism. 

Attractiveness Village

Practical sessions, case studies and workshops focusing on the sector's attractiveness.

More about conferences


The tourism sector has not been spared by the employment crisis. A fast-paced, passionate profession, and the often-precarious position of women are factors that the profession must take into account. The industry must show its transformation towards a better work-life balance, multiple careers, and professions that contribute to openness, in which skills are developed throughout life. 

Business Travel

Between environmental constraints, budget restrictions and the safety and well-being of travelers, companies are being forced to review their business travel policies, and suppliers are having to adapt and offer more appropriate solutions and services. IFTM will be an opportunity to take the pulse of this sector. 

Destination France

Cycle of conferences on the French market, new product pitches and the traditional Wonder France Festival. Destination France will be in the spotlight this year. The last three years have both shown the limits of long-distance travel and reinforced the desire to go local. It will be interesting to see how players have organized themselves to meet these new stakes for both individual and group travel.

Digital / technologies / innovation

A seamless experience. That's what customers want: everything running smoothly before, during and after their trip. That's easy to say, but more complicated to deliver, as they are connected in so many ways (multi devices). They need a comprehensive offer, which means multi-channel. They need to be inspired, to be accompanied when booking, when preparing their trip, to be able to interact during their trip and afterwards... AI, Web3, metaverse are also part of this digital transformation of the sector which needs to accelerate. Every morning at the show, trends and innovations will be discussed in the Agora room.

Leisure Travel

The leisure sector is changing. Customer needs are evolving, and climatic and environmental constraints are imposing changes. Producers and destinations have understood this, and are offering new products based on experience, a taste for travel and responsibility. They will be keen to share these transformations and new products, both outgoing and incoming.


The world of work is one that has changed the most in recent years, with the widespread introduction of telecommuting, remote or hybrid working. One of the consequences of this evolution is the need to get together or see each other differently. MICE and small meetings in particular have exploded and will have a special place at IFTM this year with the launching of MICE Village.

Responsible tourism

The last three years have highlighted the urgent need for us all to rethink our business models in a more responsible way. IFTM Top Resa will provide an opportunity to take stock of developments in responsible tourism, labels and approaches, and to exchange best practices.