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Start-Up Contest

The 5th edition of the Startup Contest rewards the best startups innovating in the tourism sector, showcasing those who embody the industry’s recovery.

All startups exhibiting in the Startup Village can pitch their project before a panel of expert judges, including investors, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, specialist independent press, etc.

Each team have just 4 minutes to become the 2019 most innovative tourism startup!

The finale takes place in the Agora, the heart of TECH ZONE !

Discover the Start-Up participants to the competition

The Start-Up Contest by Amadeus finalists are :

The Treep








Urban Expé 


Start-Up Contest by Amadeus 2019 winners

2018 Winner:

1st runner-up: Europass
free 9 m² fully-equipped stand
at IFTM Top Resa 2020

2nd runner-up: Privateaser
free 4 m² fully-equipped stand
at IFTM Top Resa 2020

3nd runner-up: Urban Expé
free stand in the Startup Village
at IFTM Top Resa 2020

Audience choice: Questo
free stand in the Startup Village
at IFTM Top Resa 2020

The Concept

A 4-step contest...

Step 1: after registering for the trade show, apply until Tuesday 3 September by filling in the application form

Step 2: from Wednesday 11 September to Wednesday 25 September, the 10 finalists will be shortlisted by the panel of expert judges and the general public

Step 3: Thursday 26 September: the 10 shortlisted startups will be announced

Step 4: the grand finale will be held on Tuesday 1 October 2019 at the trade show


... with 4 awards up for grabs!

The panel of judges decide on the first 3 winners:

  • Judges’ winner: free 9 m² fully-equipped stand at IFTM Top Resa 2020
  • Judges’ 1st runner-up: free 4 m² fully-equipped stand at IFTM Top Resa 2020
  • Judges’ 2nd runner-up: free stand in the Startup Village at IFTM Top Resa 2020


The audience vote live for their favourite startup.

  • A free trip for team members (4 - 5 people)

Our Partners

Le Grand Prix Marco Polo

Le Grand Prix Marco Polo, organised with the support of the Marco Polo think tank - on the occasion of the IFTM Top Resa 2019 exhibition, is a Great Prize that rewards the most advanced companies in terms of CSR.

By CSR we mean the responsibility of companies in the broadest sense: Environmental, Social / Societal, Business Ethics, and eco-system and supply-chain, including PMR accessibility.


The Grand Prix stages

The projects submitted will be submitted to a jury of experts for voting:

- Submission of a complete file and submission to the jury. Registration closes on 6 September at 11:59pm.

- Selection Committee on 16 September, 8:30am to 12:30pm - at Reed Expositions France in the presence of all the members of the Jury who will vote.

- Announcement of the winners in front of the jury and the public at the IFTM Top Resa exhibition on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

How the competition works

Each professional can propose an application in one of the following 5 sectors:

- Airline Company

- Car Rental Companies

- Hospitality industry

- Railway Companies

- Special Out-of-Competition Prize: Award of the CSR prize to a corporate entreprise for its internal actions for its co-workers in the context of business travel.

Hackathon IFTM by CDS Groupe

The 3rd edition of the Hackathon took place place on the fair during 24 hours non-stop followed by a Grand Finale, in Agora, the heart of the TECH ZONE.

This year, business travel as been the main discussion topic. Participants have developed their projects around the theme: the french marketplace of the business hospitality, led by CDS Group.

The teams were made up of engineers, developers, designers, marketers and project leaders, students or active people. These developers participated in this adventure in order to propose an innovative solution.

Hackathon 2019 winners


Win a 5000€ check

Win a 2500€ check

Win a 1500€ check

Public Favourite: THE TREEP
Win a stay in one hotel of The Originals Group

2 research & development contracts offered : BELAB & THE TREEP

The Concept

A 4 steps Hackathon

Step 1 : Registration are opened between Monday, June 24 and Monday, September 16 (team and individual)* 

Step 2 : From Wednesday, September 18th to Friday 20th
Announcement of selected teams on our website and to the press

Step 3 : Tuesday, October 1st at 12 pm: welcoming of participants

Step 4 :  Wednesday, October 2nd at 2pm : End of the hackathon and pitch presentations on the Agora.

*subject to availability of places, priority being given to teams.


... 4 winners awarded

The jury awards the 3 most innovative ideas


  • 1st place:    € 5,000 (inc. VAT) for the team
  • 2nd place:  € 2,500 (inc. VAT) for the team
  • 3rd place:   € 1,500 (inc. VAT) for the team

CDS Group  offers a research and development contract to the team of its choice. 

The audience votes live in the room for the project they consider the best.


  • 1 stay offered to team members (between 4 and 5 people)

Travel Agents Cup

Who will be the best travel agent in France in 2019?

Since 2013, the Travel Agents Cup has been promoting and enhancing travel agents, making it a flagship event for the industry. 

During this 7th edition, 5 agents will be rewarded.

The promise: elect THE best travel agent in France.

Registration closed

A 5-step competition....

Step 1 : Tuesday, March 5th : Registration opening with an online form to fill

Step 2 : Monday, April 15 th : Closing date for registration

Step 3 : Thrusday, April 18th : Announcement of the 40 selected candidates who will participate in the semi-finale

Step 4 : Monday, May 27th : Semi-finale in Paris at La Marina de Bercy during a whole day: Candidates performance and meeting with the partners

Step 5 : Thursday, October 3rd : Finale on the show: Announcement of the 10 finalists, performance in front of the jury and awards ceremony

… and 5 winners

5 stays for 2 people are to be won:

  • The jury rewards the 3 first best travel agents 
  • The audience rewards 1 candidate
  •  A random draw will be held among all participants present (excluding those who have already won a prize).

Retrospective 2018

2018 ranking list

1st Jury Prize: Arnaud LEVET - Verdie Voyages
Win a MSC Cruise

2nd Jury Prize: Marion FAILLE - Antony M Voyages
Win a trip to Guyana

3rd Jury Prize: Estelle KERLIDOU - Carrefour Voyages
Win a trip to Haiti

Public's favorite: Sophie PIERRON - Carrefour Voyages
Win a trip to Greece

Winner of the draw (semi-finalist): Benjamin COT - Carrefour Voyages
Win a trip to Bulgaria

Our Partners

Travel Agents Cup Junior

The Junior Travel Agents Cup will reward "the most promising salesman of the Destination France" for the 2nd edition.

This competition, organized in partnership with the FFTST, is open to all students from France (Metropolitan France and Overseas France) who intend to work in the tourism sector (BTS, Masters, Bachelors, MBA, DU and Professional Licenses).

Registration closed.

Registration closed.

A 5-step competition....

Step 1: Friday, February 8, 2019 at 12pm.: Online registration for students opens

Step 2: Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 12pm: Closing of registrations

Step 3: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 : Announcement of the 10 finalists

Step 4: Tuesday, June 25, 2019: Sending scripts to finalists

Step 5: Friday, October 4, 2019 : Final at the show

... for 5 prizes awarded!

5 stays for 2 people worth 1200€ are to be won:

  • The jury will elect and reward the 3 " best promising salesman of the Destination France ".
  • The prize of the public
  • A draw will be held among all participants present (excluding those who have already won a prize).

2018 ranking list

1er Prix du Jury :
Gagne un séjour pour 2 personnes à La Plagne

2ème Prix du Jury :
Angélique TARDY - Groupe Tezenas du Montcel
Gagne un séjour pour 2 personnes en Champagne

3ème Prix du Jury :
Prithaa SELVARAJ - Lycée des métiers Saint-Pierre
Gagne un séjour pour 2 personnes à Amiens Métropole

Coup de Cœur du Public :
Angélique TARDY - Groupe Tezenas du Montcel
Gagne un séjour pour 2 personnes à Pau-Pyrénées

Prix Spécial du Jury :
Paul TARDY - Centre Scolaire Notre Dame Ozanam
BTS Tourisme MACON
Gagne un voyage offert par Carrefour Voyages

Gagnant du tirage au sort : 
Maxime MOSSARD – IMS Nantes
Gagne un séjour offert par Tourisme Aveyron

Our Partners